Made in 3 days for the Underdog Jam Cup | Theme: DREAM

Please zoom in if screen is too small, or download the game below for proper full screen. Feel free to report any bugs to me in the comments!

Q: How do you play this game? What are the controls?

  • Jump off the starting cloud - "Space"
  • Move left & right in the air - "A/D" / "left/right arrow "
  • Quick retry on game over - "Space"

Q: How does this game relate to the theme ?

A:  This is game has a pretty literal interpretation of the theme. Dreams are personified as sheep clouds, and you play as a fox smashing all those poor dream sheep.

Q: What is the goal of the game? 

A: Fly into those dream sheep to gain score and a jump boost! Your highscore is based on the amount of dreams smashed. You can increase your combo to get more points per smash by killing dream sheep without landing on your starting cloud. But remember to secure your score by landing on your starting cloud (or it won't count)!

Free Assets Credits (UI, sprites, and music & sounds)

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Install instructions


  1. Extract the zip into your desired folder
  2. Run the executable named "Dream Smasher", it's with the sheep icon.


  1. Extract the zip into your desired folder
  2. Right click the x86_64 file
  3. Choose 'Properties'
  4. Go to the 'Permissions' tab
  5. Tick 'Allow executing this file as a program'
  6. Close the dialog and enjoy the game


Download 28 MB
Download 32 MB


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