Update - Mouse and Gyroscope input, bug fixes, and more

Just a small update to make the game more playable, hope you'll enjoy it!

Major Changes 

  • Added mouse/touch input
  • Added gyroscope input
  • Added rotate camera & upright mountain buttons
  • Changed game over mechanic to be time based
  • Added settings menu with SFX/music, controls, and UI options

Gameplay Changes 

  • Added more coins to all sections
  • Added tree leaning during mountain rotation
  • Updated snow section to be more forgiving with more barriers
  • Updated particle effects of coins and player move
  • Added different hit sounds for wooden objects

UI Changes

  • Updated game icon
  • Updated How To Play panel layout and instructions
  • Added game over warning overlay when about to game over
  • Added icons to buttons for easier recognition
  • Changed Menu "Drop down to start text" to an animated arrow

Bug Fixes 

  • Fixed player being unable to move after becoming completely still
  • Fixed music not looping
  • Fixed a later section missing coins


MountDescentAndroidV1.2.apk 44 MB
Jul 15, 2020
MountDescentWindowsV1.2.zip 33 MB
Jul 15, 2020
MountDescentLinuxV1.2.zip 41 MB
Jul 15, 2020

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