Android APK download link below. For the web version, please zoom in if screen is too small, or download the game below for proper full screen. Feel free to report any bugs to me in the comments!

Originally made in 3 days for the ScoreSpace Jam #8 | Theme: BALANCE

Q: How does this game relate to the theme ?

A:  This is game has a pretty literal interpretation of the theme. You will need to "balance" the ball down a winding path down a mountain by spinning the mountain (like those labyrinth marble games, which is basically where this idea originated from).

Q: What is the goal of the game? 

A: As you descend the mountain, coins will appear along the path which you can collect to gain points. Your highscore is based on the amount of coins collected before plummeting to your death.

Pre-made Assets Credits (UI sprites, 3D models, and music & sounds)

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MountDescentAndroidV1.2.apk 44 MB
Download 33 MB
MountDescentWindows V1.1 [Jam Version].zip 30 MB
Download 41 MB
MountDescentLinuxV1.1 [Jam Version].zip 35 MB

Install instructions


  1. Extract the Zip file into an empty folder
  2. Run the executable named "Mount Descent", it's with the icon.


  1. Extract the zip into your desired folder
  2. Right click the x86_64 file
  3. Choose 'Properties'
  4. Go to the 'Permissions' tab
  5. Tick 'Allow executing this file as a program'
  6. Close the dialog and enjoy the game


  1. Download and open the APK.

Yes, I know this sounds super sketchy.

Thank you!

Development log


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this is cool! 

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did you really do it in 2 days

2 1/2 days