[Sorry! Your high-score got reset] Bug fixes update

[30/10/2019 Update]  Bug fixes: Thanks to the deadline extension of the game jam, we were able to fix some critical bugs!

Note: The Web version of NeoHorizon save data has been reset due to how Unity's persistentDataPath works

Below are a list of changes made in this update -

  • For some reason, using a controller on the web version of NeoHorizon will cause the game to freak out on some computers. That has been fixed and you can use the controller safely again on the web version!

  • Using the controller on the web version also allowed players to shoot faster than normal, which is an unfair advantage and has been fixed.

  • In the Ball mini-game, the ball will sometimes get stuck and cause the game to be literally unplayable. But no worries! the ball will now destroy itself for the greater good if it gets stuck, so you may continue enjoying the game :)

That's summaries all the changes made. There shouldn't be anymore updates,  unless a critical bug shows itself, or until I can figure out persistent saving between updates. Bye!


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Oct 30, 2019

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