Made in 4 days for the 101 Hours Jam | Theme: DOORS

Please zoom in if screen is too small, or download the game below for proper full screen. Feel free to report any bugs to me in the comments!

Q: How do you play this game? What are the controls?

  • Move player - "WASD" / "Arrow Keys"
  • Shoot - "Left Click"
  • Aim gun - Move Mouse
  • Quick retry on game over - "Space"

Q: How does this game relate to the theme ?

A:  This is game has a pretty literal interpretation of the theme. Once a room is cleared, the player can go through any of the 3 doors to get to the next room. Each door has various modifiers and going through that door allows the player to  control how the game progresses. This game also relates to the tertiary theme, "the game menu is the first level".

Q: What is the goal of the game? 

A: Get as far as you can! Every room will have enemies, which you will need to kill all in order to progress to the next room. You will have multiple choices when going to the next room that affects the stats of both you and the enemies. So be careful about which door you go through! Your highscore is based on the amount of rooms cleared and enemies killed, good luck! 

Free Assets Credits (UI, sprites, and music & sounds)

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Install instructions


  1. Extract the zip into your desired folder
  2. Run the executable named "To The Next Door!".


  1. Extract the zip into your desired folder
  2. Right click the x86_64 file
  3. Choose 'Properties'
  4. Go to the 'Permissions' tab
  5. Tick 'Allow executing this file as a program'
  6. Close the dialog and enjoy the game


To The Next Door! 29 MB
To The Next Door! 33 MB


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how come it got harder after i die twice?

Watch Jam Game Showcase ~ 101 Hours Jam #1 from MrJoshuaMcLean on


I appreciate the hitbox based interface, and the color-coding on the enemies (both in terms of stats and AI behavior). It only took a few tries to figure out the differences between the Reds, Blues, and Greens, although I find the scaling on their stats made Blue doors worth more than Red or Green doors.

Thank you for playing! It's great to hear that the game can be picked up relatively quickly, especially because I didn't add any tutorial or instructions other than the one line controls text.


Very fun, well balanced and intense, easily the one of the best games in the jam and I've replayed it many times, missing just 3 things to be a perfect little timewaster on mobile:

1.) Invincibility frames (Probably short - Slowmo?).

2.) More crunch with bloom and extra screen shake.

3.) Player and enemy stats start lower to give more progression.

Hope you enjoyed the jam as much as I did!


Thanks for playing, I'm glad you enjoyed playing the game! Yeah, invincibility frames would be good to reduce the difficulty a bit as well. Right now, only the guns firing causes screen shake, I plan to make kills and hits do that as well.

I'll like to add one more thing to that list as well, some touchscreen controls.


I think the difficulty is really well balanced, but some spawn in rooms seems unfair as it can be really close to a lot of enemies.

True true. I should have definitely spent more time tweaking the spawn area, especially the green room where shotgunners usually spawn.


Very difficult, but awesome. Love the graphics! Also, with Unity left control is set to Fire1, so I would recomend changing that because hitting left control and shooting is annoying.

Yup, now I just got to remember to make that change in 2 days. Now, I'm curious why left ctrl is the default for Fire1.